It was in 1996, more precisely on January 18 of that year, when the original English bookmaker Intertops put the first 50 dollars for a sports bet online. The player at that time was the Finn Jukka Honkavaara, who bet on the “Spurs” in the game Tottenham Hotspur against Hereford United and won immediately. The old team of Jrgen Klinsmann won at that time with 5:1 in the English Premier League.

To Intertops

success history begins

In the time at that time on-line sport bets were an absolute novelty and the bet employment of the Finn the beginning of a giant business as well as success history. Since this day a large industry developed within the range Online Wettanbiete r, in which today billions are gained and some jobs developed.

trust and security

correspondingly proud one is also with in the meantime in the Austrian Salzburg resident bet offerer, who became active over the years also on the Casino market and in Poker . Straight the on-line world is so schnelllebig that an enterprise, which holds itself 20 years at the market, already rather the exception forms. That creates confidence and gives security for the players, on whom one may be also proud.

Criticism is nevertheless permitted

Allerdings, and there also criticism of the pioneer is permitted, is the web page no longer on the newest conditions. A relaunch would be a good idea. Also an offer on the mobile market with an App or a mobile version of the web page, was not considered in the recent time. Thus the professionals of Intertops run the risk to lose the connection in the future. So if you still want to experience your 25th birthday, something should soon happen here. Nevertheless: All the best to the birthday.

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