PayPal is one of the payment systems that can be classified as particularly secure and fair. Account details will not be passed on. These remain with PayPal. Who would like to bet, that should pay attention to the complete package and also bonus, bet types and other factors when choosing a betting provider with PayPal more closely shed light.

In my thorough fraud test achieved Betway absolute top marks!

The payment system of PayPal is now widespread and here in Germany very popular. Its strengths lie above all in its ease of use and high security standards. PayPal is offered by some large betting providers.

Is paying with PayPal betting providers safe?

Selection of a PayPal betting provider

Online bookmakers who offer PayPal for deposit and withdrawal, can certainly be classified as serious. The payment method is above all safe and fast.

Important criteria

If you want to pay via PayPal, you don’t need to worry about security. The mere fact that no bank details are passed on shows that the payment is secure. There is a secure encryption, so that manipulations and fraud are not so simply possible. Customers’ accounts are also secure. For the sports betting accounts, the reputable betting providers give a guarantee. Because this guarantee is one of the regulations that must be adhered to in order to obtain a license. On only PayPal betting providers are presented, which were examined before in detail and are naturally also licensed.

Are fees to be paid?

Fees for the payments with PayPal can result under circumstances. But good betting providers handle it in such a way that the transactions for deposits are paid by the betting providers. With regard to payouts, this can be different. Because there the customer is the payment recipient, whereby he has to carry the costs normally. But even here there are some providers who bear the costs. In the area of payments, you should take a closer look. Because there possible fees are listed.

How the deposit works

To be able to place sports bets on football, tennis or horse racing, you have to get a betting account. So you first have to register with a PayPal betting provider. As soon as you have registered, you will receive a welcome mail. This will be confirmed. Now you can log in to the betting provider and change to the cashier area. There all possible payment methods are indicated. One indicates there that one would like to pay with PayPal. Also the amount has to be indicated. Now you only have to follow the steps that are displayed. As soon as you have been directed to the payment provider, you have to confirm the deposit. After that you can already start betting because the amount is credited directly.

An overview of advantages and disadvantages

A big advantage of PayPal is that you can deposit via the payment service provider without the personal bank details are forwarded to the betting provider. Thus one profits from a plus at security. Other payment methods are also secure, as they are usually transmitted over an encrypted connection. But this way the sports enthusiasts can be sure that nothing goes wrong. The fast crediting of the deposited amount is also a big plus point. So players don’t have to wait long, they can start right after the deposit. What may be perceived as a disadvantage by some people is the fact that you have to get a PayPal account and link it to the account. This is the only way to ensure a smooth process.

Can I also use PayPal for the payout?

With the payment system of PayPal also payouts are possible without problems. This works just as easy as the deposit. Players get their money credited to their PayPal account with just a few clicks. Above all, a payment via PayPal proceeds very quickly. If you haven’t verified with the betting provider yet, you have to do this first. Only if one has proven oneself, one can receive a payment. This is a measure against money laundering and must be adhered to by the providers. But as soon as the verification is done, you can pay money with a few clicks. The procedure is by the way independent of the payment method.

General information to the payment system

PayPal is a offerer, which is active already since 1998 at the market and constant. Already from the outset PayPal could be pleased about positive feedback. The resonance was so large that the enterprise grew always further. PayPal quickly became known and sought after for its fast and transparent payment method. Whether for deposits or withdrawals, PayPal makes this possible without any problems. The company is based in the United States. With PayPal you can move small and medium-sized amounts without any problems. Meanwhile PayPal is a quality feature of the betting providers due to its seriousness and security. Who decides for a PayPal Wettanbieter, that can do nothing wrong.

Fazit – some safe and trustworthy offerers with PayPal

On the market there are meanwhile so many Wettanbieter. Some of them also offer payment via PayPal. These stand naturally for a plus at respectability. The good and simple system convinces in every respect. Above all however one can deposit money completely comfortably with few Klicks. And the payout is also possible with a few clicks. If you want to bet safely on sports bets, you should look for PayPal betting providers. Because in such a way one knows that everything runs off fair.