Not only sports betting or casino games are played with the Bitcoin nowadays, but also lotteries – and even on a large scale, because hundreds of lottery providers are now available for Bitcoin users. For example YABTCL, which has summarized the fact of the big competition in its own name. Yet another Bitcoin Lottery means: “Another Bitcoin Lottery”. Our experience with YABTCL in the following will now reveal whether playing this alternative is worthwhile and safe.

For lotteries, of course, as for any other game with a stake, it depends on the reliability and security of the provider. Surely there are still a few “black sheep” on the market, but YABTCL is not one of them. The offerer can be called completely respectable and proves this among other things with a good reputation with the players.

Our experiences in the overview

offers become in the Portfolio of YABTCL two different Lotterie models. On the one hand the players can participate in an instant lottery, on the other hand however also completely normal date lotteries are played. For further variety, the different betting options, because the players can change the house advantage for example. At the same time, the provider is equipped with various jackpots, the current value of which can always be transparently checked on the homepage.

However, according to our experience with YABTCL, the lottery provider does not only offer a home computer. Instead, the portfolio is also available in a mobile version, allowing players to participate in the draws while on the move. Of course there is also a customer support, which can be reached by mail in case of problems or questions.

YABTCL in check: Fraud or serious?

Sign for a YABTCL fraud we could not recognize at the provider. This is indicated, for example, by the fact that the players of the provider have had positive experiences so far. In addition, the game is only safe because the Bitcoin is used. No official license is necessary here, as would be the case with a classic online lottery.

In our experience with YABTCL, the players don’t have to worry about the safety of the jackpots either. The sum for this is stored in a “Cold” Wallet, of whose existence every player can convince himself. Thus transparency is guaranteed in every respect, which shows that YABTCL works seriously and has nothing to do with “crooked things”.

Overview about the offer

Access to the portfolio of the provider succeeds according to our test of YABTCL without additional download of software or other preparations. So the players only have to go to the website and can directly place their bets in one of the lotteries. Two different models will be made available, which we will now take a closer look at again. Sports betting, poker or a casino area are in contrast with this provider to other lottery providers not yet available.



As already mentioned, the provider provides his players with two different lotteries after registration. The registration itself is completed within a few seconds and can easily be completed by entering a Bitcoin address. Players can then choose from a date lottery and an instant lottery. The scheduled lottery is a fixed draw that is always carried out at the same time on different days. The instant lottery, on the other hand, always takes place directly, so that in the best case a prize can also be booked directly. In order to play in the Scheduled Lottery, players must purchase tickets. Each ticket must contain between six and 16 numbers, whereby the tickets with more numbers naturally also offer a greater chance of winning. However, every player should keep in mind that as the number of numbers increases, so does the price of the tickets. The lottery draws are held every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday of the week at midnight (UTC). Six numbers are drawn from 67, but two correct numbers can be enough for a jackpot. Important to know: 90 minutes before the draw, a file will be created in which all tickets are integrated. Once this has been done, no more tickets can be purchased for the upcoming draw. Our experience with YABTCL has shown that the pools that can be created by the players themselves are interesting. In principle, this is a lottery syndicate that benefits from the submission of several tickets for the lottery. Also good to know: The house advantage of the offerer lies with four per cent, can be reduced however by the player by mouse-click and adjustments of the lottery.

Who does not want to wait so long for the drawings and its possible profit, can fall back with the offerer on the Sofort-Lotterie. Here the players must select between one and 16 numbers from 67, which go then as own luck numbers to the start. The drawings are always immediately accomplished, so that in the optimal case already after few moments profits can be booked. Decisive for the amount of winnings is of course the number of correctly typed numbers – the more, the better. It is also good to know for the instant lottery that an autoplay function is offered. With this function the game rounds can be processed automatically, which according to our experience with YABTCL is very pleasant for longer game durations.

YABTCL Bonus: No bonus, but a free lottery

A lottery bonus is welcome with all players, after all, often additional credits or free game participations can be used this way. A real YABTCL bonus for the new customers is currently not available from this provider. This point is not quite so bad however, because a free lottery is made available for all existing customers. They receive three free lottery tickets a day with which they can try their luck in the free lottery. With two to six hits a jackpot is won, for every ticket played the jackpot is increased by 20 Satoshi.

It is important to note, however, that the jackpot for only two hits is significantly lower than if the jackpot for six hits can be won. How high the jackpots of the free lottery are at the moment can also be seen.

Deposits and withdrawals at the provider

Deposits to the player account are possible at the provider via Bitcoin and are always processed securely and quickly. For this purpose, a temporary Bitcoin address is provided, which is valid for a period of 24 hours. After the transfer, the amount can be found immediately on the player’s own account at the provider and the bets can be placed. There are no alternative payment methods, such as you can find at a PayPal lottery provider, for example.

Payouts are also carried out by Bitcoin according to our test with YABTCL. For the players this brings many advantages again, but at the same time at least the minimum payout amount must always be observed. This is 0.0000543 BTC.

Security and regulation

The provider does not provide reasons for doubting the security of the offer in our test report. Quite the contrary, because by the fact that it concerns a Bitcoin offerer, this can be called safe already by nature. The different drawings are calculated mathematically and are at the same time completely tamper-proof. Each player is treated here thus respectably and has real chances on it to secure one of the Jackpots with the offerer.

For the disbursement of the Jackpots YABTCL can always guarantee, since the value is also really present in the Jackpots. This gives all customers a good feeling, especially as the correctness can still be checked in this case. A word about the deposits and withdrawals. Separate security precautions are not necessary here, because the transactions with the Bitcoin are always forgery-proof and protected. All in all a YABTCL fraud can be excluded, rather the provider is considered serious and reliable.

Customer support

Contact to customer support can be established at the provider via an e-mail address, which normally leads to the desired success within a few hours. The employees even answer the inquiries in German, which can be described as a clear plus point. In addition, our test with YABTCL has also brought a help section to light, which deals with the most important information about the offer. The understanding on the part of the players is definitely ensured.

User friendliness of the provider

Positive is the control through the offer in our test with YABTCL above all because the provider offers his entire website in German. That makes the navigation easy for all customers from the German-speaking countries, even if here and perhaps somewhat too much advertisement was obstructed. Nevertheless one can orient oneself, the website is not really extensive anyway. In short: A good impression of the provider.

Mobile App

A native YABTCL app for download is not available at the provider. Instead, players can simply access the regular website with their smartphone or tablet, so that they can set their own numbers for the drawings while on the go. Disadvantages are not noticeable with this variant after our experiences, additional costs do not result in this way naturally. In comparison to other Lotto Apps the appearance can be described as solid, even if YABTCL does not stand out from the crowd immediately.

Fazit: YABTCL guarantees safe gaming fun

With the lotteries of YABTCL the players can definitely experience a lot of thrills. The jackpots are impressive and their payout can even be guaranteed by the provider’s Cold-Wallet. Interesting are also the pools and additional features like the autoplay function, as there are some advantages for the gaming customers. All in all, we have had very good experiences with YABTCL and would always recommend this lottery provider.