For more and more people, direct investment in the capital market is part of a successful investment strategy. In order to implement such a strategy in a targeted manner, a reliable partner is needed to handle the transactions. The diversity is great and the choice is not always easy. An online broker AvaTrade is a provider with whom you as a trader probably do a lot right when you decide in favour of him. This provider not only impresses with an extensive and, above all, well-structured range of tradable underlying assets. In addition to a broad value index, the provider also provides its customers with extensive technical and content support.

The basis for long-term successful trading is thus given. For the durable success investors should in addition, pay attention to the fact that they have to do it with their on-line broker with a respectable partner. In a test, whose framework we collected numerous experiences with AvaTrade, therefore also the question stood in the foreground whether it concerns a trustworthy representative of this industry. Because nothing puts individual trading success at greater risk than an online broker with whom fraud or rip-off can be expected.

Our experience with AvaTrade at a glance

First of all, we would like to comment in general on the experiences we made during our test. Even the first glance at the homepage of the online broker makes it clear that the investor is dealing with a provider who attaches great importance to seriousness and professionalism. The most important information is compiled soberly and clearly structured, and with just a few clicks, visitors can directly access the content and information they are looking for. However, a good appearance is one thing, but at least as important for most people is the question of how a provider performs in the implementation of concrete trade. Here, too, our experience has shown that this provider plays in the first league. This begins with a very broad selection of underlying securities for trading via CFD. The selection goes well beyond the familiar or usual categories of equities, stock indices, currency pairs and commodities. In addition, government bonds, ETFs and digital currencies can also be traded.

With such a broadly differentiated trading offering, it is of course important that the investor can rely on an optimal trading environment. This point is also fulfilled with this online broker. Investors can choose between several platforms. But not only in technical regard the offer is absolutely top. In our experience, AvaTrade also has a lot to offer in terms of content support. Which offers can be used depends on which account type is used or how much trading capital has been deposited into the live account. In addition to up-to-date market information and a wide range of basic knowledge, AvaTrade also offers personal support from an AvaTrade employee for higher account versions. The offer is also available in several languages, including German.

The best offer is of little use, however, if the investor cannot be absolutely sure of the seriousness of a CFD broker. In the case of the offerer AvaTrade in addition, in this regard all fears or doubts are unfounded. Investors can rely on a company that is active in a number of countries around the globe. AvaTrade is headquartered in Ireland, so the company is also subject to strict EU regulations. This means that investors can not only be sure that the transactions will be carried out fairly. The provider can also be regarded as serious and secure because the deposits are protected by a deposit guarantee even if the company should get into economic difficulties. All in all it can be assumed that with this offerer neither fraud nor Abzocke must be feared.

Very wide range of tradable underlyings

An absolutely important aspect for the selection of the optimal online broker is and remains the range of trading opportunities. Our test has shown that this provider focuses above all on class instead of mass. With a total of around 250 underlyings, investors also have a numerically impressive selection at their disposal. What is remarkable, however, is that the offering goes well beyond the classic categories. But first of all it can be noted that in the areas of equities, stock indices, commodities and currency pairs the provider is quite broadly positioned. In the case of equities, the supply is spread across the USA and Europe. Some of the most important stocks of the respective countries can be traded via CFD. The stock indices also include some stocks from Asia and Australia. A total of around 80 shares and 20 indices are available for trading. In addition, there are almost 20 commodity stocks, whereby precious metals and commodities are offered for trading in addition to energy stocks. The range of currency pairs is also very broad. Of course, you can bet on combinations between the world’s most important currencies, i.e. the majors. In addition, there are also numerous combinations with less strongly traded currencies, such as the Hungarian forint or the Mexican peso.

In addition to trading the classic currencies, AvaTrade also offers the option of developing so-called Internet currencies. In addition to the now relatively well-known Bitcoin, the Litecoin is also available for trading. But this is by no means the end of the range of tradable underlyings. One interesting aspect is the possibility of using ETFs to profit from the development of individual economic segments or specific regions. Last but not least, AvaTrade investors can rely on the price performance of government bonds from the USA, Japan and Germany. In each case the offer offers a broad selection, with which the most different strategies are possible.

Who would like to enter into the trade, must open a trade account first. AvaTrade’s customers also have a variety of options here. Altogether four different account versions are available, which are assigned depending upon height of the deposit and offer certain extras for the investor. Starting from a deposit of only 100 euro thereby the simple account version silver is assigned, starting from 1.000 euro there is the status gold and starting from 10.000 euro platinum. AVA Select can be opened with a trading balance of more than 100,000 Euros. While the simple account version also offers various support options, such as analyses by a senior analyst, holders of higher account versions can benefit from automatic trading signals transmitted free of charge. In addition to flexible trading conditions, a faster payout time is guaranteed and personal contact with professional analysts is guaranteed. However, the bonus offered to new customers also depends on the amount of the deposit on the trading account. We would like to deal with this in the following section.

Bonus up to 10,000 Euro for new customers

The online broker AvaTrade also offers its new customers a bonus that is granted on the first deposit. The bonus capital, which is credited proportionately to the first deposit amount, is between 30 and 50 percent. A bonus of 30 percent is already available for a deposit of 300 euros or more. Starting from 3,000 euro the investor can count on an additional payment of 40 per cent and starting from 10,000 euro there is even 50 per cent bonus. Maximum the paid bonus can amount to thereby 10,000 euro. With the bonus amounts it does not concern however actual assets, which the investors can be disbursed immediately. Better the bonus amount can be described as virtual capital, which can be used in the trade, however for the disbursement only after the fulfilment of certain conditions is available. Concretely it is necessary that in the trade per Bonuseuro a conversion of 10,000 euro must have been obtained, before appropriate amounts can be also disbursed. With such a bonus it concerns thus quite a double-edged sword, since the investor is to be motivated to higher conversions and thus possibly to a riskier plant behavior.

Ein- und Auszahlung per credit card or per bank transfer

To the basic condition for the trade naturally the deposit of capital belongs. Also here the investors should inform before thoroughly, which methods are available for this. In the case of AvaTrade, our experience has shown that investors can in principle choose from a wide range of payment methods. However, the availability of each method also depends on the country in which the investor is located. In principle, bank transfers as well as credit or debit cards can be used. While the minimum deposit for credit/debit card payments is 100 euros, bank transfers are only offered for deposits of 500 euros or more. In addition, various online payment providers are also available. The services of PayPal, Skrill or WebMoney, however, can only be used by customers outside the EU. Furthermore, no fees are charged for the deposit of trading capital. The same applies to the withdrawal of funds from the trading account. Here, the same methods can be used as for the deposit.

Security and regulation at a high level

An important topic in trading with stock exchange products is of course the security of the provider. In addition to the long-term experience of an online broker, it is of course always good if investors can also rely on external regulation. In the case of AvaTrade, this standard is met in every case. The company operates globally and is regulated by the relevant authorities at a number of different locations. The Irish central bank is responsible for European customers and reliably ensures that the EU regulations in force here are fully complied with and implemented. This includes, among other things, the requirement that trading balances and corporate funds must be stored separately in order to protect customer deposits. In this specific case, the renowned Danske Bank is responsible for managing the funds. With regard to both deposit security and a serious and fair trading environment, customers can rely on an optimal level without fraud or rip-offs.

support and customer service in various languages – also in German

In our test we also found customer service to be helpful and effective. What’s impressive is that almost all customers around the world are offered a service in the local language. Thus also for German-language customers its own Hotline is available to the fixed net tariff. However, this option should not always be used first. In our experience, it is highly recommendable to use the rich offer on the AvaTrade website before you start. In principle, you will find all the information you need for trading. In addition, there are other offers such as an economic calendar, various training courses and market analyses.

The website offers a lot of information

The best information offer is worth little if it has been compiled on a poorly structured and confusing website. Here too, online broker AvaTrade proves that an extensive range of information and a good structure need not be a contradiction in terms. A clear menu makes it easy for the user to find the information he needs. All the necessary information on both the tradable underlyings and the available platforms is compiled in a compact format. Here the investor can find out how which platform can be used in trading and what advantages it offers. And according to our test, there is also nothing to complain about in the settlement of the trade itself. In addition to the AVA Trader and the MetaTrader 4, a Webtrader version is also available. AvaTrade’s customers can therefore also rely on a high technical level.

The mobile app enables trading via the mobile-device-

The absolute standard also for private investors in stock exchange trading today is the possibility to intervene in trading via the mobile-device. Especially short-term oriented investors can ensure with this possibility to be flexible and not miss any possibility in fast trading. Both for the iPhone and for Android, technically mature solutions are available that are hardly inferior to their basic PC versions in terms of functionality. This enables mobile trading in real time and the use of various limit functions. And, of course, it is also possible to use numerous analysis functions and obtain current market information on the move. In addition, with their mobile app, investors have direct access to all account data and can obtain information on account balance, current margin and net liquidity value. AvaTrade customers can therefore also rely on a professional standard when it comes to mobile trading options.

Fazit – AvaTrade is an online broker with a strong offer

With the online broker AvaTrade, we have tested a company that can be counted among the best representatives of this industry, especially on the basis of the available trading options as well as the comprehensive range of support offers. We come to this conclusion first of all due to a very well structured trading offer, which clearly exceeds the standard usual in the industry. With underlyings in the area of digital currencies or ETFs, very special strategies outside the mainstream are also possible. At the same time, of course, you can also choose from classic underlyings in equities, equity indices, commodities and currency pairs. The range of products offered to support traders is also absolutely convincing. However, it also depends on the chosen account format which concrete support offers can be made use of. However, current analyses, training offers and relevant economic news are made available to all investors. Higher account versions can also benefit from personal advice. Last but not least, with AvaTrade we have also become acquainted with a very reputable provider. The company is based in Ireland and is regulated by the Irish Central Bank in accordance with EU standards. The investors can rely besides on a deposit security of the Dankse bank.


I have always liked to follow money investments, but never dared to do it myself. But with the AvaTrade Broker I found a strong partner in daytrading. Thanks to a professional consultation I have made some meaningful monetary decisions to date.

written 13 months ago


The performance of the AvaTrade Broker impressed me so much that I stayed. In addition to a 24 hour service, I also found information material, a quick account opening and a risk-free demo account.

written 12 months ago