The US election has already caused a lot of unrest among traders. Anyone looking at the leading index Dax in Germany will have noticed that it has lost 4% in some cases within 5 working days. It is a fact that especially high performance stocks like Adidas have clearly suffered from the profit taking of the past days. There have also been differences in CFD trading and so many brokers attach importance to the fact that especially the margin values are significantly increased, or other collateral must be deposited than was the case just a few days ago. The online broker Magnum Options now offers its traders the possibility that they can be advised by their account manager on the subject of trading and US elections.

Magnum Options supports traders before the US elections with information

Which influence the elections in the USA will have on Wall Street is still completely open and of course also depends on whether Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will make the race. Whether and what effect the US election will have on the stock market and thus on the trading of binary options is currently completely open. Nevertheless it is possible that with Magnum Options with the account manager can be spoken, because it could result in the context of the US choice also scenarios, from which the Trader could profit.

What is there over the broker Magnum Options to know?

The enterprise Hampshire Capital Ventures Ltd. with seat in the United Kingdom is behind Magnum Options and the broker offers a support via email and by live Chat. Basically with Magnum option with a high net yield at a value of 81% one recruits, which is clearly more, than it with many other brokers the case is.

As regards the underlying values the Trader can decide with Magnum option between more than 100 different values. The choice of options is quite large and so pairs or long term options are offered. Also the well-known One Touch Options as well as Ladder and Spot Follow Options belong to the portfolio of Magnum Options. Who is interested in the 60 seconds turbo options will notice with friends that also these are offered with Magnum Options and belong to the portfolio.

Magnum Options is already a while on the market. It should be noted that attention should be paid to the regulatory situation, as this can also affect the security of customer funds. It is a fact that many brokers offer corresponding regulatory measures, but that this should always be examined in detail by the traders beforehand.