When we read your e-mails, we can understand that you have concerns about using the bonuses. Because you’ve heard of players complaining and accusing casinos of “cheating”. We can assure you that such a player did not read the terms and conditions before and when customer service presented them to him, it was already too late to stop his frustration. But if those players had read the bonus terms and conditions before playing, it would never have happened.

You don’t take any risks with our advice. We will explain to you point by point the terms of these famous bonuses.

Watch out for the deposit method

Increasing numbers of casinos are trying to motivate players to use alternative payment methods such as e-wallets. If you are still hesitant, then you should know that these solutions are really much more advantageous. To convince you to use them, casinos link certain bonuses to them. This means that you can only use the bonus if, for example, you use Neteller. You should always check whether your wager is valid.

Compatibility with the game

The bonuses are also often linked to certain games. For example, some online casinos offer welcome bonuses that can only be used on slot machines. If you are trying to play another game, such as video poker, this may not work. In order to know the list of games that accept bonuses, you only need to read it briefly or ask Customer Service.

Make your bet

This is the condition with the most misunderstandings. We want to be clear: when you play at the casino and use a bonus, you must make a minimum number of bets. You can fulfill this obligation in wagers or in €, which comes down to the same thing. Because in the general terms and conditions of a casino you will often find the remark: 1 wager = 1€. The number of minimum wagers is calculated based on the bonus amount: the higher your wager, the higher your bonus, but the more wagers you have to play. To be honest, most players are afraid of the high number of bets, but don’t worry, you will almost always reach that number.

The payout moment

When you have reached the minimum number of bets, you can withdraw your money. That’s a very good thing, but attention to a bonus, the amount of your payout is often limited. You can read all this in the bonus conditions. But also the limited payouts can be seen, because they often amount up to several thousand Euro.


What you need to know about bonuses

Now you can use the bonuses calmly, because you know their conditions. But there is more to learn: